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She had the widest bright ideas all along about my love

So many issues that I disuse in my day to day living
I would kiss you cause I miss you if not for these misgivings
They're twisted shrunken remnants of fires long ago
And each ash is etched with its own sardonic charcoaled tale of woe

And I feel like the flaw in the heart of your crystal ball
The only imperfect thing there ever was about you at all
So silent, so small
And my only escape is to fall
and shatter all over you preciousest carpets
the ball once so polished now demolished
so that I coud hide from your eyes
the way that you are compromised
by the truest of my lies

It's subcutaneous and extraneous
The way we're framed in this
Crucial moment where we won't get
what we want and it will haunt us
Taunt us
Until we're gaunt as skeletons
Truth stripped from our bones like so many
useless tons
of waste with a rancid taste

Bleached and dried under the desert sun
Until the moon takes over what daylight's shunned
An eternal night, as if the world's stunned
Stopped spinning on its axis
We've lost that light fantastic
all that's left of our bones
are cheap replicas made of plastic

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