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#tmbg on efnet is alive, and someone still has my Dark|Away nick. Stupid eurotrash.

[14:57] <Bakanne> I'm looking on that 'best places to live' thing you posted dark
[14:57] <Bakanne> those people are on crack
<DarkSmile> Yeah
<DarkSmile> It's a real estate scam
<DarkSmile> Move to these places
[14:57] <Bakanne> yeah
<DarkSmile> we will get you a deal
[14:57] <Bakanne> like chicago is sucks
[14:57] <Bakanne> ah
<DarkSmile> Yeah
<DarkSmile> Read what I wrote?
<DarkSmile> hee
[14:59] <Bakanne> yeah
[14:59] <Bakanne> I like your little comments there :D
<DarkSmile> Hee hee
<DarkSmile> I made a post about the comments, too
<DarkSmile> heh
* DarkSmile scratches his head.
<DarkSmile> I think I got carried away
[15:01] <Bakanne> hehe
<DarkSmile> I enjoyed writing it, but I don't think anyone will go through and get all the jokes
<DarkSmile> Like someone who skimmed the first post won't get the second test Chicago comment
<DarkSmile> And the CT comments
<DarkSmile> You kinda have to follow them
[15:02] <Bakanne> yeah
<DarkSmile> hee hee
<DarkSmile> I love commenting myself
<DarkSmile> No one ever expects it
<DarkSmile> In fact, when I post something long and boring and use the lj-cut tag, I am going to leave myself 23 comments so it looks like it was an interesting thread
<DarkSmile> Then people will read it no matter what
[15:03] <Bakanne> Hahaha
<DarkSmile> Or at least look twice at it
<DarkSmile> Hee hee
* DarkSmile <-- Ratbastard + Sidewinder = Rat baswinder
[15:04] <Bakanne> :)
<DarkSmile> Hee hee
<DarkSmile> I am all but rofl myself
<DarkSmile> at myself
<DarkSmile> because I make me laugh
[15:05] <Bakanne> that's a good thing
<DarkSmile> Maybe that's sad, but I'm not crying
<DarkSmile> :)
[15:05] <Bakanne> it ensures you wont be without entertainment
<DarkSmile> HI ANEE
<DarkSmile> Yep
[15:05] <Bakanne> SHE SAYS HI!
<DarkSmile> Learn to laugh at yourself and you shall never cease to OHMIGODWHATISTHAAAAAUGHACKTHBBTTTT *DIE*
* DarkSmile sings: o/` Anne Anne o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` She raps shit like saran o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` She's hardcore OG as a girl kewd be o/`
* DarkSmile sings: o/` I once saw her drop a chump just cause he looked like Forrest Gump o/`
[15:07] <Bakanne> I like that last line
<DarkSmile> Hee hee
<DarkSmile> DewD
<DarkSmile> This Heart and the Lovemongers cover of The Battle of Evermore really does kick ass
[15:08] <mOnZ> enna + baka = Bakanne?
<DarkSmile> Singles Soundtrack, $3 = GEWD PURCHASS
<DarkSmile> Yep
[15:08] <Bakanne> yeppers
<DarkSmile> Hee
<DarkSmile> If I'd been in Cali right now we'd have three net couples
<DarkSmile> LJ couples, at least
[15:08] <mOnZ> kinky
<DarkSmile> Since Michelle doesn't come here
<DarkSmile> I wish I was still with Michelle. :(
[15:09] *** obo ( has joined #TMBG
[15:09] * Bakanne hugs n@
<DarkSmile> Let's go to ALBUQUERQUE!
<DarkSmile> We will take the town over
<DarkSmile> And make it #conversatron-#tmbg-LJ city
[15:09] <Bakanne> you could drink out of the ashtrays
[15:10] <Bakanne> its okay, they're clean!
<DarkSmile> Yes!
[15:10] <obo> too early to go to Albequerque- the morning sun has yet to climb my hood ornament
<DarkSmile> It has the highest per capita rate of PH.D's anywhere
<DarkSmile> Umm
[15:10] <Bakanne> I'm fairly impressed
<DarkSmile> That would melt your car
<DarkSmile> I don't know if that link to the brochure worked
<DarkSmile> But it looks like a kewl place
<DarkSmile> I've always wanted to go
<DarkSmile> it's like, a desert oasis city
<DarkSmile> WhOO
<DarkSmile> Now Jason can turn back into a regular geek
[15:11] <Bakanne> me and my castlevania 2 references
<DarkSmile> He's a WereHax0R
[15:11] <Bakanne> haha
<DarkSmile> By day, he's a mild mannered Gamer
<DarkSmile> Excuse me, Gam0r
[15:12] <mOnZ> Gamera!
[15:12] * Bakanne is a friend to all children
<DarkSmile> But by night, he consumes the WareZ of the Living
[15:12] <Bakanne> hehe
[15:16] <obo> on /. last week they were predicting the imminent death of EFNet (film @ 11, yadda, etc.) Wot sez #TMBG to that?
[15:17] <Bakanne> efnet is UNDEAD
[15:17] <Bakanne> duh
[15:18] <obo> so as long as it steers clear of Buffy-the-IRC-Network-Slayer it's ok then?
[15:19] <Bakanne> yes
[15:19] <obo> i'm so relieved
[15:19] <Bakanne> but it might spin off into its own series

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