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I feel so much better since I posted that.

I have:
  • a ring from her, that her mother gave her
  • her father's book, the complete unabridged Stand (she'll have to come get it)
  • one of her hairs to do magic with, just in case (oh god like in AI? NOOOOO)
  • lip gloss, purple. Smells like Dimetapp. But I like Dimetapp.
  • The keys.
  • A sliver from the bench where we camped out waiting for the first train back to Sac
  • Some dead flowers that brushed off onto my suitcase while I was walking to the train station to go "home" Too small to press.
  • The CDs I bought out there... Hum, Linkin Park, Rush's Hold Your Fire (on of their best), and Fountains of Wayne.

    Amnesiac isn't painful anymore; I'm glad we could share listening to it.
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