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I just realized that my current icon set probably makes me look like something of an anime kiddie. Not that that's a bad thing; I just hope no one thinks I know all kinds of shit about anime and video games that I don't. Hell, I only just finished reading Stephen King's The Gunslinger, so now I can use that icon, at least with limited authority. Of course, there's the rest of the Dark Tower I'll have to read to know for sure.

They're just random pictures when it comes down to it. Well, not random. People say random nowadays for anything they're too lazy to explain or justify. It's not random; but it's not researched. I've never played all the way through any Final Fantasy game, yet I wield the Pimp Mage icon. Heck, the two comic strip scanned icons I have are probably the only original and "personal" or "secret" (as in the story behind them) pictures I use to represent me. The rest are based on how they represent my moods.

Silky I use when I'm feeling pimptastic. Also, he's got the revered position of first icon EVAR!!1 I use him when I feel like saying something irreverent and I want people to know I'm joking. At least halfway. Conversely, I'll use the afro-Loverboy when I want to say something more sincerely. He's also less sure of himself than Silky. Of course, the other Loverboy is not suave at all; he's the most unsure of my icons. I use him when I get caught off-guard or when I'm sorry or just generally when I want to say "I'm sorry, that's not what I meant." The rose goes with the smooth Loverboy, but it's for moments when someone really needs to feel special, or when I want to send a clear message of my love and caring to someone. It's a real sincere outreach; a "hey, seems like you're feeling down but maybe you forget that someone out there thinks you're peechy keen."

Then there are the icons not related to love, the darker ones like the Dark Lord. Oh, I love him. He's depressive, moody, and filled with angst. But he's also not to be fucked with. He's not all sturm and drang, though he tends to be more dramatic (histrionic, a la that accursed test); he's got a sly, dry sense of humor. Like the Gunslinger. I use Roland (the 'slinger) to riposte... to reply wittily, even though that's not his character. That's MY gunslinger... a wittier loner. He's also critical; he finds fault in people and strikes them there—that's how he kills. It's his job to see weakness. The two icons are interrelated; like the knight and the king on the chessboard. The Lord is too withdrawn to move far; he's lost in thought on his throne. But the 'slinger is active; he's the one that goes out and does the dirty work. Nothing personal. Of course, if the King would get up off his ass and move more than one square at a time, he could kick some hefty ass, too, MAPHUCKERZ!!1!

Pensive icons, other than the Lord. Charlotte represents anything in nature, but also a slow contemplativeness; without the Lord's malice and self-loathing. She also represents ephemera; something which may be gone in the next second if the wind shifts. Strong and simultaneously tenuous. I dunno; I find that beautiful. Plus, I have an affinity for spiders; it was one of my childhood icknames (nickname is really ickname... it used to be "an ickname" but got changed to "a nickname." Kinda cool. Becca can back me up on this). I'll use David Byrne when I'm thinking, cause he's got that nifty thought bubble. Mostly when I'm thinking about lyrics. I draw that line because when I comment, if you see him, there are probably some lyrics quoted somewhere. Or a direct discussion on music. I mean, it says "Musician" right behind his head.

I should also mention here, as it has now come up, how each icon is doubled in its use. Each icon means something slightly different when used to comment than when used to post. The icon set has really been designed for commenting as it's evolved, which is cool. With 2150 comments logged, I do that a lot more than I post (713 now, although that doesn't count communities, but even then, it's only about a thousand- still less than half). Heck, even posting in communities makes some icons take on different meanings. A rose post in songwerds means a love song, and usually one posted to my one and only. Once again, an irrelevant love song will probably have Loverboy or Silky next to it. Unless it's an "I was wrong, I'm sorry" song, in which case it might have the unsure Loverboy next to it.

Complicated enough?

There's the Bomb, which I use when posting in technical communities. I also post it when helping someone with something. I like the icon because it's a quintessential Dark Smile. I mean, he seems happy, right? Of course, there's the whole morbid "he's a bomb" thing going on. But meh, so what if he explodes and kills everyone. At least he's happy, for now, right? Yeah, well, you better work to keep him that way.

Starless... the king feels like killing himself. Yes, he's standing on a cardboard box, and yes, he's thinking about jumping. The fall won't kill him; it's all for show. But he still feels miserable. It's funny... one of the songs from Starless, Giant's Chair, became a new inspiration for an old icon... the Lord. "From this chair of mine, I control the world. I can end it a million ways." Or something. "I'll drive your friends away (they all hate me anyway). Push everything out of my way; make you love me." Well, maybe that's not me, but the Lord is manipulative and spiteful. And bitter. Oh, yeah, I can be as bitter as Tom, or bitterer. But Starless is just a miserable icon. Or a "look at me, I'm miserable, whine whine whine" icon.

I wanted to save the pairs for last, but I already talked about one. I'm dumb. The Forever! icon is based on the Conversatron convention of adding FOREVER!!! to the end of sentences. Try it. "I'm going to bed," becomes, "I'm going to bed... FOREVER!!!" It also makes good-byes easier, by making them seem ridiculous. When it'll be months till you see someone again, saying "Goodbye... FOREVER!!!" can make you laugh and take some of the sting out of the moment. It's a great icon to use when I want to be hecksa wacky... hecksa wacky FOREVER! IN BED! IN MY PANTS! OF HELL! There are lots of things you can add to the end of sentences (not just to the end of fortune cookies). Ordinary sentences become ordinary sentences... FROM OUTER SPACE space space.

Enough subdigression (cool word!). I got the Brock icon (the Hey! one) from a bunch of caps I had lying around from some Brock website. He's my favorite Pokemon human character (smooth with the ladies, just like me) and I wanted a happy icon. It's a "Hello how are you!!!" icon. Or a cheering icon. An icon that goes "Yay! Go you! I'm proud/happy of/for you!" Then I got a paid account, and there was the whole brockslate guy that found me and a bunch of other people. So I decided I could make something of a character out of it. And I did. So now I had a point and counterpoint. A happy Brock and a sad one. It was great fun to taunt Brock with them.

But I had my eyes on another pair that I'd been using in real life... the Kyle icons. Kyle appeared on the website (now pretty much defunct), but the site went down before I had the slots for the icons. Alison (BEST SISTER EVAR!!!11!) suggested I get them from Google's cache, but, as I pH33Red, the site had been gone too long by then for the cache to exist. Likewise, the companion site had gone down, but fortunately, I found a cache of a mirror with one of the icons. Someone somewhere else had hosted a repost of one of their questions, and it had the smiling Kyle. Aww, yeah. I was happy again; complete. I took them home, washed them off, and added them to my lineup. So I use them as a point and counterpoint. Grinning Kyle thinks he's getting away with something; he's so FUCKING clever. Wry Kyle's been caught and chastised, or he's just kind of making an observation on something he doesn't care about and holee fuck this post is long where the hell is Michelle she said she wouldn't let her mom kidnap her and WE'VE GOT A CONCERT TONIGHT and she said she'd make me pancakes for breakfast and now it's lunch. Bah. I was thinking she'd come home and I could wrap up this post queekly. No dice yet. So I'll keep typing and then grab a shower. Kyle's great for me, because he's a smartass, like me. He's also smart and really is clever. Or so I'm led to believe. I've never played Lunar. But things on this bio page... "Heroes: Himself" make me think that Kyle is very appropriate for my journal. Oh, yes. Hee hee. Damn, now I wanna play Lunar. I'm gonna need a playstation just for one game? I already need a Dreamcast for the two Crazy Taxis and an N64 for the Bond Trilogy (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and TEH WHIRLED IZ NAUT ENUFF!!11!). I suppose I could get the Cruisin' games, even though I never liked them. Oh, no, I played them WITH A VENGEANCE. Grr.

Last but not least is the default icon. I can hear you now, you pathetic mortals! "But Dark, you have no default icon!" Mua ha ha! What you cannot see is exactly what my 16th icon is... nothing. Not even blank space. The absence of that. For when no mood fits; or for when I feel like nothing, or for when I want to make no impact... it's a great icon.

This post... Memories of Charlotte... it's that kind of slow artwork. I never meant to write beyond the first paragraph

I bet I get no comments on this. =D

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