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Rubber band

I've noticed something odd... I suddenly seem to have a bunch of albums from some bands I was never really into. Other than a single. And I mean, a couple each. I have two Harvey Danger albums, for example. I mean, I really liked the hit single from each, but there are like, a bunch of Pearl Jam songs I like, and I only have Vitalogy. Of course, there's a lot of things at work here.

  • Hot bands don't go on sale for $2.99 or less.
  • Just as singles were once easy to get on .mp3, entire albums are now available for preview. How does that matter? Well, I'm more likely to get an entire Radiohead or Tool album on .mp3 than I am Collective Soul. Conversely, though, I am willing to invest money in listening to the cheaper album. The full price album I will need to preview before I plonk down cash for it.
  • This one goes along with the above, somewhat. I also like discovering music. "Hey, dudes, check out this band, Virgos Merlot." I mean, sometimes you can get into this band that's really hot wherever they're local, but because no one knows them where you are, you can find their discs MAD CHEEP, y0. I really need to get into the band Verbow, I guess, for economic reasons. I've never heard their music, but their CDs are EVERYWHERE, available for a pittance.
    I would love to make money by buying used CDs in New York and selling them somewhere where all you have is Wal-Mart or something. Hell, even in the Big State of California, they need to learn what discount is.

    I forget where I was going with this, so I just wanna close up by saying


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