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I'm worth a million in prizes

I put on the radio not too long ago, and what do my wondering ears hear, but the football game. Yes, I turned on Cornell v. Dartmouth. Not to hear the score or anything. No, I wanted to hear when it ended. And, sure enough, the week I'm not the guy in the studio dropping commercials (it's called "engineering"), they end early! I would have caught the bus home for once! Sigh.

In other news, tonight I got CJAS! I get to watch new anime (anime I haven't seen) for the first time in a month. I am totally out of the loop in Slayers Next. Legends of the Galactic Heroes ('log h') will still be slow but loveable LoGH (kinda like Golem). And Cowboy Bebop will be visually and aurally satisfying (I didn't want to say stunning and I couldn't find my thesaurus) as always. Should be fun; I can't wait.

Dvorak has about one more week.

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