The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good


I'm alive. Neither Michelle nor I have turned out to be psychotic serial killers (not yet, at least) and we're having fun. Well, okay, I'm having fun right now; she's fast asleep because she was up for like two days straight picking me up at the airport and waiting for trains and travelling all over Sacramento. Right now, we're crashed at her friend Ariana's (thank you thank you thank you, Nara, if you ever read this). No idea what we're going to do; haven't had time for much but sleep and talking. We're enjoying each other's company and laughing and smiling up a storm in between naps. I may try to sneak my ass onto IRC later just to say hi.

Jeez, I need to take some pictures! I have two disposible cameras and I've only taken two of the 54 pictures I have.

I'll see you all when I do!
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