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I'm going. See ya!

Oh, and Rabbit, her car broke down, so we probably won't be coming out there... at least, not yet. I'll try to be in touch (you can e-mail me a phone number)

Y'all'd probably be best off cc:ing everything sent to me to in case Cornell mail acts up what with authentication and stuff. I have problems with it sometimes. But cc: it, because I'll be checking Cornell more (if it actually works) and then I won't get any hotmails.

I'll be around sporadically; the hostel supposedly has net access. I'll probably just sleep the entire 19th of July, but expect me back that weekend or so. Anne, I hope I get to see you then. And to my communities, I'll be back administrating (esp. Name That Tune, where we'll get some rules) ASAP. Love you all.

I'm trembling! Whee!

Seiry-sama, e-mail me! I'd love to see you!

Take care, my friends. I'll try my damnedest to come back alive and well. ;)

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