The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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See the man with the lonely eyes?

God save our hearts and souls
from your callousness and your daily tolls
The tediousness of waiting pain
Tortured dreams we rise to face again

And insanity reaches to claw me once more
Washed up on beaches rocky is the shore
for sure

And I'm not sure what's in store for four more years
I cry endless tears like a river immersed I shiver
when I break the surface, but otherwise drown
I just want warmth
Just want solid ground
But there's none around and there's no sound
in my waterlogged ears but the reverb
the echo of deepest fears

And then spiralling down like a one-horse town
ghosted down the drain like so much uncollected rain
slipping a memory's purchase on cold, unresponsive porcelain
like cold, unresponsive skin

And it ends again just as it began
one late night with us
a momentary universe
gone in a flash without a lot of fuss

My eyes feel pierced by undiluted light
But devoid of their native faculty of sight
Without or within, where does it begin?
This light that makes day seem night?

I had but one care in the world
Then a tear in the world
Saw it all unfurled

Thread by thread
it gently kissed the ground
my entire fucking world
slowly falling down

spidersilk razorwire

Don't let the odd line breaks fool you into thinking it's poetry.

"You can't
the lover boy."

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