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In lieu of content.

7 things you are afraid of:
1. Manasses
2. Rejection
3. Inadequacy
4. Abandonment (by a few people; most people I would actually like to leave me the fuck alone)
5. Things that, once changed, can never be changed back, thus rendering empirical testing of premises impossible
6. Being misunderstood.
7. Not doing enough; making people smile, pleasing people, getting enough accomplished before I drop off this mortal rock (one day too early or one day too late?)

7 things that make you laugh:
1. Me
2. Life
3. My humorous style of observing life
4. Jesus
5. Fanaticism
6. Dogmatics
7. These last three are really the same, but people that dress up their pets.

7 things that make you cry:
1. The most beautiful compliment ever
2. love
3. losing love or the fear of
4. joy
5. music
6. the inability to cry

7 things i love:
1. Nature
2. Understanding shit
3. figuring shit out so I understand it
4. women
5. one woman in particular
6. compliments and criticism, or basically any attention that is being paid to me
7. Me...?

7 things i don't understand:
1. Me
2. Why you like me (but not why she loves me. I think I get that one now)
3. Stooper-string theory. It's just dumb.
4. Just how I can judge people so well
5. Seinfeld. I mean, what is the deal...
6. Why something has to happen to us after we die. I mean, that's it. You had your time. Now let other people have things happen to them. You rot.
7. How people like alcohol. Or coffee. Or hot beverages in general. I like to chug, I guess, without burning my throat. Hot beverages never quench my thirst.
special #8. Why people are afraid of spiders. They rock. Mosquitoes suck (literally) and spiders kill them. That makes them my friends. And they scarcely bite humans. Really. Just don't run around squishing them and they won't get scared and bite you. (I'm only saying this because so many people have been anti-spider lately. Since Spider is my nickname, you are being anti-me. So there. :P)

7 facts about you:
1. No fact for you!
2. Come back, one year.
3. I like music.
4. I'm an avid master baiter/angler.
5. Still a virgin, quite by accident!
6. I value myself on the attention I receive from women (hence the Loverboy theme)
7. I used to get all depressed and angsty and bitter at the state of the world and injustice and blah blah until I just stopped paying attention and concentrated on me. My life has never been so good since I started tending my own garden.

7 things on my desk:
1. Books
2. CDs
3. dust
4. pictures of me
5. cards from Becca
6. stereo equipment
7. lamp

Things to do before I die:
1. Live
2. Change someone's life (and then change it right back, to see if they noticed)
3. Become independent
4. be a good daddy
5. Fuck you.
6. Bitch.
7. Die (it would be cool to die twice)

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