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A little history

Just so's y'all know, it's not Darksmile. Oh, no. It's Dark Smile. Hee. lj just doesn't allow caps in the username.

That's first name Dark, last name Smile, after the the very expression on my lips right now. It's a smile, sure, but it's kinda sly; hiding something, and a trifle sinister (which is also a word for left, and I'm left-handed).

Ladies love the cool dark smile. It's just something I noticed a while ago, so I started doing it more, till it became a persona. I remember one time I followed a tour group across Cornell's ag quad, smiling darkly. And damned if one of the girls in the group didn't give me a wry, dark smile in return. That's the closest I've ever come to seeing someone else just hit it precisely. But it's definitely mine.

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