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The words of someone else that struck me (the words, not the person)

Collective Soul - Smashing Young Man
"Your beggar's description
of what I've been missin
Exploit your position
Don't think I didn't listen.
Hey, I hope you're feeling a little better now.

Success is so tragic
Pain is your gadget
You're tongue's just lashing
You're bitching by habit
Hey, I hope you're feeling
a little purer now
Hey, I hope you're feeling
securer now

Help me, I plea
I don't understand
your ways and means
you smashing young man
Help me to see
the good you have planned
You're wearing me thin
you smashing young man

You preach synthetic-like
Peace is an oversight
It's nothing to ignite
your self-lit spotlight
Hey, I hope you're feeling
A little special now
Hey, I want to tell you
I think you're special now

I don't recall asking for guidance
I don't recall wanting to
I don't recall bowing before you
But I'm so impressed with the kindness
in your attitude"

Made me think of me, and the past few days in my life.

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