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My paper journal has a picture of Michelle in it.

Some of you may be familiar with the television series I am working on called "Homeboys back in tha Day." Some of you are not. Here's the original treatment from a .txt journal:

Write a story about time travelling Black guys who visit
"back in the day" and "way back in the day"
Warrick Jones and Seever Jenkins
Submit it to the WB as "Homeboys Back in tha Day"

So today, I was inspired and came up with a bit of Quantum Leap parody:

"Drs. Jones and Jenkins hop from hood to hood
striving to set up what once went down
hoping each time their next leap
Will be the leap back to they crib."

I dunno what that episode will be about; there's so much about QL to parody. The usual plan is not to have them aimlessly travelling. The time machine is reminiscent of Mr. Peabody's WABAC machine, only probably retrofitted to a low-rider Caddy.

It gets darker from here on

You have wrapped your arms tightly around my breast
but I have driven the sword through my chest
Our blood runs together; we stand impaled
but we fall in a moment; we have failed
together we have fallen, together we have failed

Some more words that don't rhyme:
Consumed by darkness
and I cannot feel joy
and it plunges me through emptiness
I'm clawing at the walls of the void
like a man falling down a well
seeking to stop the plummet any way
but that
And as I fall
eyes open or closed?

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