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A Starless Day

Excerpts from my day, recorded in the same marble composition notebook I have been using since May 1, 1995. I am on page 186 of 200, because I neglect it for long periods of time.

I found a muscle today I didn't know I had. It happened when I corrected my traditional grip in my left hand. So that's how you do it!

And these ghetto boyz wear their hats in a way that
seems to scream, "I'm hardcore"
In a way that it's easy for me to ignore
All this macho posturing is such a bore
Keeping up appearances the worst chore
These flat-brimmed hats are the stupidest thing yet
Outstretched over eyes like Cro-Magnon brow
I remember when the style was as curved as you could get
...Just like mine is now.

Not-so-random thought:
...and Icarus hates the Sun
for all that it has done
for ruining his fun
He thought that he could play
but the sun was out that day

I took the liberty of converting it to verse form JUST NOW. The thought behind it is still excerpted, never fear.

From conversation today:
Me, as Cooter: Dang! This place is nastier 'an the junction 'tween a hooker's legs!
Me, as the Balladeer (played by Waylon Jennings): Now I don't know 'bout you, but I ain't never seen a hooker in Hazzard county that I'd touch with some other fella's pecker. Now, 'course, I ain't sayin' nothin' 'bout Daisy Duke, on account she ain't no whore. That girl's a grade 1A slut, and the boys of Hazzard love her for it.

Turns out that giantschair, starless, and shiner are all registered lj usernames. And they're all (I think) female. Huh. Chicks dig Shiner. N@ digs Shiner... my knowledge of syllogisms is rusty, but either chicks dig me, or I am a chick. I'll get back to you on that.

Excerpted from high school:
"Ogres can see through glass, right? I can see through glass! So I should be able to see through that ogre!" -Matt Fielder

I am also impressed with the performance of my rechargable Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries. Je le recommendez-vous!

What else am I forgetting to report? Other than that I bought a yo-yo today. A real yo-yo; one that does tricks and costs more than three dollars! And instead of being made of plastic, it's made of a high-performance polymer resin!

I am also going to a party tomorrow. There may be drinking and worse drugs. I hope I still manage to have fun. And I hope it doesn't alienate me from my coworkers.

It's almost 9 PM on the west coast! Where is Michelle? I am not exactly feeling clingy, but I miss her, and I open tomorrow, so I have to wake at 8. I want to rest up because I will be on my feet all day and then have the party later, so you won't hear from me. Not till the early AM. Thank god I have Sundays off.

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