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"I had a friend who took a belt, took a belt and hung himself, hung himself in the doorway of the apartment where he lived."

There's a few people whose entries I just always skim.

Poll #931 The Cut

Will you mind if cuts are made to my friends list?

Not at all. It's your journal.
Sure, go ahead, but expect repayment in kind.
I don't mind, as long as it's not me.
I don't care (but I care enough to answer this poll).

As always, comments:

If there's overwhelming dissention, I'll just rig a friends list filter and not read you people. Ha ha... so I guess it's inevitable. Please still fill out the poll... if nothing else, not doing so will mark you a candidate for deletion (after all, if you don't read my stuff, why should I give you access to protected entries? You'll just SQUANDER IT!). Ha ha... only kidding. Most of you I will read no matter what, hell or highwater pants, world without end amen.

And, of course... it's nothing personal.
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