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Why Baka is cool:

<DarkSmile> I can never remember;
<DarkSmile> mostly cause half the times they'd color swap—
<DarkSmile> but wasn't Lance the left arm?
<[Baka]> okay, from voltron's point of view, pidge was the left
<[Baka]> if you go from the *form blazing sword* and *transformation* and most of the stuff
<[Baka]> pidge an hunk were on the left side
<DarkSmile> I think I always put Lance on the left because I was a lefty, and he was my fave
<[Baka]> hehe
<[Baka]> yeah, but since voltron's japanese, he holds the sword right-handed
<[Baka]> so like, I'd rather have him in the place of the most whup-assness
<[Baka]> I mean, trusting pidge with the sword?
<[Baka]> hehee
<DarkSmile> FAH on that
<DarkSmile> Lance held the sword REGARDLESS
<DarkSmile> AND the shield at times
<DarkSmile> :D
<DarkSmile> Pidge was all like
<DarkSmile> Let me do something
<DarkSmile> So I'd shoot his head off
<DarkSmile> That shut his bitch-ass up.
<[Baka]> hahaha
<[Baka]> and apologies to women's lib aside
<[Baka]> sven was a better pilot than the princess
<[Baka]> cuz like
<[Baka]> the princess got captured by horny prince lothor about every other episode
<DarkSmile> Sven NEVER got captured by the horny prince
<DarkSmile> Lothor was all like
<DarkSmile> THANK GOD the Princess replaced Sven
<DarkSmile> I'd hate to have him as my love interest
<[Baka]> heeh
<DarkSmile> Being all like
<[Baka]> the princess must've secretly wanted lothor's sky blue cock since she got captured so many times
<DarkSmile> "Ha, Lotor. Yuu vil nevir make mee yuur bride."
<[Baka]> Haha
<DarkSmile> "Nevir, ja hiir?"
<[Baka]> dude, if we ever live in the same town
<[Baka]> we will have to dress up as voltron characters for halloween
<HenMan> shit, did i miss the voltron convo?
<DarkSmile> Totally
<DarkSmile> Ja, Henman
<DarkSmile> Yuu diid.

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