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I finally understand Hegel... (I get by with a little help from Aristotle)

Quoted from a comment I made to Sandor:

Life is a process. We are stuck between the endpoints of unhappiness and happiness, striving towards the Prime Mover. Between the synthesis of Being and the antithesis of Nothingness, there is the thesis ("idea," after a fashion) of Becoming, which is where we are stuck. Happiness is an endpoint; you cannot reach it until you are there, and once you are there, you are done. Finished, over, kaput. You cannot Be happy, you can only become. Unhappiness, by its very existence, is the force that drives us away from it; that causes us to seek its end, its destruction. It is as great a motivator as Happiness; the two are literally inseperable on many levels. It is the very quintessence of the two-sided coin cliche which derives its origin from this exact Hegelian idea.

So you, and we all, are stuck with this unhappiness thing. At least, if we ever want to be happy. That is why true joy must be found in the striving; the goal can never be attained.

'S a bitch, ain't it?

PS - No, it doesn't have to be inventive, just well written, and hopefully a good synopsis. Tech writers don't get paid for creativity.

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