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Buy myself a rose at the end of the day...

And She
And she also sends me rain
Uses my words to salve her pain
And even if I can't hold her tight
I will be with her tonight

I rain my kisses on her hair
And she is in the very air
A static charge that splits the night
I run free with her tonight

We embrace
no place
between us
there is no space

There is only love
the two of us
the heavens above
me and my joy

It never was so pure
And I've never been so sure
And it's never felt so right
I am there with her tonight

Thunder is wonder
and in the shadowed scar
that splits the night
I run free with her tonight

I work hard so I can get pay
Turn right around and spend it gettin play
And it occurred to me today
Man, there has got to be a better way

Sucka h0's with they fidollah clotheZ think they can git with this
Little do they know they chance they missed
Back when I was a punk kid an undiscovered funk kid
Not the master of the rhymeZ I am today
I would have surely given play
Now, no way

Fuck yo fake ass nails
Yo fake ass tits
Nappy ass extensions
And you wanna git wit this?

Nuh-uh. Ain't gonna happen.
Better find another dog if you wanna get to body slappin
Bitches always gotta start to steppin
So I gotta start rappin

What the fuck went wrong?
Oh yeah, I got outta bed today
And ever since then
Shit's been fucked in a major way

I feel like bustin caps in some punk ass
Or puttin my fist through some fuckin plate glass
my boots stomp the concrete
people back up backup as I pass

Something's gonna break cuz I don't know how much more I'll take before I make the bloodstain scrape offa my shoe ain't nuthin you can do when I come for you and your motherfucking little dog too.

It's on
and on and on and on
till the break-a breaka dawn
It's on
You betta run, cuz I'm 'bout to have some fun.

Deal with It
Mnemosene dreams and intricate schemes
I float my trireme downstream
I awkwardly bulleme
"She will be mine," I scream

Pugilism to the self
I need to care about my health
I say as I beat myself up
Till there are bruises on my glutted gut

I escape the painful day
by throwing everything away
I can't keep living this way
But I fear that ugly is here to stay

God, damn fate for making me like this
And goddamn society
and goddamn genetics
I'll kill myself in an act of eugenics

All is lost
except the weight I bear
and fuck you life
Why should I care?

I wonder if they will shed a tear
or kick back and crack a beer

the fat kid's dead
my tombstone said
written small
and that was all

I think I lost the whole "male eating disorder" aspect to that last one. :\
* Dark works hard to level up his skillZ.
<Dark> You can't spell skills without ill!

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