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Tales of Bach'Lor

Damn, I'm good. I am sick, so like... the only thing I will ever take for a cold is chicken soup... and garlic. Hot damn, I never thought to combine the two.

Until tonight.

I am happy to report as I sip still cooling Lipton chicken & rings that it is pretty good. And I was worried, because Grammy has salt-free garlic (?). She has salt-free everything, except the salt, which she never really uses. Not me! I'm young! I need lots of polar electrolytes to fuel my rapid hormonal mood swings! Bring it on!

And yes, I could have added salt, but how would I know the proportions? Better to just savor natural flavor.

P.S. I add garlic to anything. I once had no tomato sauce and instead ate spaghetti with garlic powder and soy sauce. It was VERY GOOD. ( I mean, c'mon, spaghetti's just noodles. )

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