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You are the nicest person I have met in a long time. You are very sweet, always with a kind word or some candy for anyone. You've got a phenomenal sense of humor. You're smart, and a gifted writer. You are such a force when you put your mind to something that I am amazed. You are timid and modest, not brash and arrogant, even though you often wish you had more of a spine. It's okay, girl. We still love you. You're an individual; more so than most people are, and it's refreshing. Even if you're a little shy, you're always honest, at least with me.

One of my most cherished memories ever will be of when I messaged a confused girl, offering to help her by listening. She hasn't stopped talking to me since—almost every single day—and I'm happy to say that. I had the priveledge (yes, priveledge) of meeting you one day in Massachusetts (thanks to the lovely Becca, and a ride from my friend Tom). It was way too short, by far. I've never had more fun with someone the first time I'd met them. I hesitate to speak for Becca, but I know she had fun, too. A lot of fun. And not just because of me. I was so happy you got along so well, my two girls. You both mean so much to me, but this is Nemo's birthday, so...

Happy birthday, Nemo. Over the past 5+ months, you've become one of my best friends... of all time. I can't imagine a time without my sister. I don't even remember HOW you became my sister, but it seems appropriate, even to Becca. It's like we've known each other FOREVER. Only, somehow, we don't fight, which makes it even better. If I have any say, we will be friends... FOREVER!!!

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