The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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kewl lewt (l00t's theorem)

Easter money = Burning Airlines' Mission: Control! + (vinyl (Southern Culture on the Skids ( Dirt Track Date + Plastic Seat Sweat ) )

Liquored up and Lacquered down is there and waiting for my next payday, I hope. I had my eye on this CD I didn't even know Burning Airlines even HAD (even though I have an .mp3 or so from it) and it was gone in the two hours between my break and when I got off of work. DAMMITY DAMN.

PS - No, I didn't buy them from that site, though it looks cool (thanks to Kerry for the link). I may have to get my Shiner from there because they ARE ALL OUT in the village. I mean, DAMN.
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