The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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Huh... what do you know?

There were no lines, and the place was even open early. I was all set to wait.

Well, now I wait... for the cycle to end, and to start drying.Then whites... maybe I will wash everything today.

Crap. Now I get tired. I guess the excitement of frantic laundering is gone.

And yes, I'm a morning person and a night person. I'm just not a late afternoon person. That's why I used to sleep through that part of the day and then again in the wee hours.

Now I need to go hijack Grammy's cable for some cartoons.

One last thing... last night I was talking about what a mess I'd made of my life when a little birdy told me that instead of trying to make everyone happy, I should just make myself happy. Where have I heard that before? Anyway, I think I took a big step in that direction last night, and I can only apologize if what I did brought anyone pain. Yes, I did it for me, and I loved it.
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