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You should PASS on this entry.

Umm... can my last journal entry serve as an example/case-in-point? I don't know what it proves. Either I had unprecedented clarity of thought, or I was just so bored that I was reciting what I would say over and over again. So... umm... you guys actually get a diary-style "what I did for my day" entry.

At least I forgot the bad poetry I was composing. Quiet down, quiet down. I know you guys all love my bad poems. Umm... so I will make one up on the spot.

Johnny was a-walking down a Village street
Peepin' all the skater kids thinking they was kinda neet
He didn't learn to shred, no instead
He let them pierce another hole into his head

Now Johnny's all indie
He's becoming such a punk
He'll end up with tons of indie cred
Or more likely, he'll end up dead

Johnny saw the tat parlor
Had a section for his head
So he got himself a pipe
trading in some hard-earned bread

Johnny took it home and lit it up
He didn't notice something was wrong
Damned fool was so high
He didn't notice it was oregano in his bong


Johnny thinks he's a stoner
He thinks he's a head case
He was just a p0zer
and a real-life knife put him in his place

The moral of the story is
Stay in your suburb and await further orders.

Okay, that was just silly. :D

I'm sorry.

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