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"I'll Remember the way that you changed me."

To say that I was sad today would be hasty. I thought I was sad, but when it came right down to it, I was just feeling down. You see, the thing is, I have been happy and sad and all sorts of feelings in this past week. My precious biochemistry is not used to all this emotion, so I think my seratonin and endorphins and whatnot just plain ran out. So, I came down off my high. I felt sad, I felt like things were never going to work out for me.

All in all, I managed to recapture myself, if not the day, by sheer force of will and the unwillingness to stop smiling. I listened to Bjork all the way to work, even though I was late (part of what went wrong; no train for 25 minutes). Damned if Debut isn't pretty much how I feel right now. Cute blonde was looking at me all the way downtown and smiling as I sang. Too bad. She can't have me!

W0rk was pretty laem early on, a lot of people, but not much going on, until a shelf collapsed and all these crystal wiz0rdZ fell down; luckily, no damage. About that time I realized all my frowny feelings were just me trying to sabotage my happiness again. Then I took my break over to St. Mark's, grab some pizza (no meat; I didn't want to wait) and I went back to hang with/near the skaterZ. It was funny... I was watching all this Indie Hardcore action listening to... Something to Remember. Ha ha ha. I am even more Indie. I am Hardcore Indie PoZ0r p0p rockm0nsteragious. And a half.

Work did seem to go fast, probably because I spent most of my time spaced out, thinking about people I missed. It was VERY nice to come home and realize that someone was feeling the exact same way.

In other news, I finally downloaded ALL my voicemail to this computer, so I have all your voices saved. Among the highlights, I've got Michelle and Nemo singing, a robotic [baka], a story from biiiz, and Chrissy saying "tawk" in that cute accent she doesn't have! ;)

I may have to get another account if I can!

The song I linked in the title is dedicated to all the women who've touched my life in the past few weeks (and more) and who've made it (my life) a special place to be. If you have to ask, does he mean me, then yeah, probably. :) Even Amanda, who deserves mad props for many things.

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