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Inspired by Scott's post.

Rehearsing in the James Law Auditorium in the dead of winter at night really sucks. Unless you have friends like mine, who will not only walk with you, but join the crew just to hang out with you and keep you company. I never really thanked them for that.

"I will not take these things for granted."* -Toad the Wet Sprocket. That song has so many emotional repercussions for a bunch of my friends (sorry, guys, but I needed to post that... just be glad I didn't post the whole song). Very touching peace, in a sadly desperate sort of way. I love it.

I really need to stop taking things/people for granted. Especially people. :)

I was thinking last night, of how I take things for granted. I take it for granted that the ground will be there for my feet to walk upon, and that the sky will be there for me to look at. But what if the ground is no longer there one day? How long will it take me to notice I'm falling into a godforsaken hole in the earth? And would I notice that the sky was gone; no heavens, day or night? Would it be months before I realized that the rain had gone?

I have a terrible tendency to modularize people. I am great at organizing; I see people analytically, and I know who's good at what, and who works well together. But I'm terrible at remembering there's a real person inside that box. People cannot be traded, or used as placeholders (what's that say about pro athletes?). And I know this. I'm not cruel. It's just easier.

It breaks down to me being lazy, you see?

And self-absorbed. I get so much satisfaction solely from a positive interaction with other people that I assume that they do as well, and that that's enough. I remember my manners when possible. I try to say please and thank you. Sometimes I wonder that when I say thank you that people don't actually feel a thousandth of how much I'm actually thanking them. I guess cause I'm lazy, and me thanking them takes so much effort that they MUST have done something. :D

Okay, so that's a poor excuse. But at least I'm cognizant of it? :\

* edited, as I found a link to the lyrics, which I thought was a nice compromise, since some of my friends I haven't sat down and forced to listen to this song to hear them go, "oh, this song! This song reminds me of the time when [X] ripped my heart out." Yet.

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