The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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"It's an homage, you jerk."

Look, I can be creative, and do it well! Of course, (in true pretentious music jerk style) best read/sung along to the original, or a reasonable reproduction (April Wine, for example).

Flee the tide
innocents ride
ebb and flow
the times subside
the reasons multiply
that cause us to divide
It's the 21st Century schism, man

Pigs feed
iron greed
we sow what grows
from the poisoned seed
everything we've got
but what we need
In the 21st century schism, man

Babies, lie
demons cry
man stops to ask how
and why
carries on again
hearing no reply
In the 21st century schism, man

Stories told
refrains old
the newest holy cow
is sold
trapped in a world
so brave and so bold
(so craven so cold)
It's not just a 21st century schism, man
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