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Cool Dreams, Inc.

Nobody ask why I was Gabrielle from Xena in my dream. It was just random, okay?

I want to start a company that harvests, stores, and markets cool dreams. It's been said before, but no doubt so many cool ideas for movies, songs, and even commercials are wiped out like so much sleep from the corners of our eyes every morning. Personally, my cool dream had to do with KING ARTHUR AND THE KNIGHTS OF THE R-R-R-R-(you have to trill the 'r')-R-R-ROUND TABLE!

It all started as I was cruising the malls/superstores for vinyl. Any mall or superstore in my dreams really does have everything, and that means vinyl. I started getting into some really, really old shit and (you know how dreams are) suddenly, I was in the realm of Antiquia (not entirely unlike the Secret of Evermore). Things are hazy. I think I was learning to ride a horse, and then I was a horse, running wild, and finally, I was Gabrielle (I don't even watch the show anymore!). I came to a small hamlet in a distant land (England). I knew it was England, because, sure enough, Stephen Fry was there to meet me, and I marveled at his clothes, so familiar, yet so out of place. He was, of course, dressed and pressed to a 'T', looking like a million pounds. He told me that there was trickery afoot (although he said it more eloquently and with fewer cliches) and that I should be careful. He didn't tell me to leave, though, since I'm sure he sensed that I was to play an important part in the events to come.

My memories are already starting to slip! Yikes... well, I was inside the castle, getting the lay of the land, and I (guess I) decided to become the vizier/court wizard. You know the way that you (some people, at least) view dreams from the third person, and then maybe choose which body to inhabit or follow with the camera, sometimes controlling the action of? That's what I did. I forget the actual plot right now, but I'm sure it was inspired by me watching one of my favorite episodes of BlackAdder the First (the Infanta episode). We managed to convert a number of people to our side, as the king was largely hated for his irrational temper, and otherwise arranged for certain people to be neutralized (paralyzed, basically). Sadly, the interior of the castle started to look like Uris Hall once the action started, recalling my pencil-throwing vampire dream (to which I am too lazy to link). We also summoned a water elemental for the fight, which the troops stormed right through, thinking it the silliest and weakest type to summon, but it was reduced to a puddle, which caused almost comical slipping and sliding. The King was returning at that moment, and the little red-haired peasant girl (?) become courtesan came up to him, ostensibly bringing news (he had no hint of treachery, so didn't suspect her) of what the racket (row? din?) was and instead, brought a quick dagger.

It was all over pretty quickly. Not like the dream that had preceded it; I was part of a three-man (well, one person was female) team of crack international spies, charged with stealing the space shuttle. I actually think this all took place on the moon or Mars or something. But it was weird, because I knew in the dream that these three characters were like, the people in the background, from the supporting cast of your usual spy film (and at least two from the evil side); and here they were in the starring role. Please, god, tell me it was not inspired by The Lone Gunmen. Anyhow, I remember we were working against our will (I was doing that whole switch-back-and-forth-between-characters bit), to save the space station or moon or whatever from being blown up by aliens. The most vivid part, of course, was the part right before I awoke. I was crawling through ducts under the launch apparatus, marking places that would have to be blown or drilled, and marking other places as locations to get air should someone start an unscheduled launch of the shuttle, evacuating the tubes with me in them. The fear was the most salient part of the dream; not to say I was scared; and it certainly wasn't a nightmare, but I could feel the very irrational but real fear of someone launching the shuttle while I was crawling around in there. (I would need the airholes later, when I went BACK into the ducts as the shuttle was launching, to alter its course and deliver it to our 'employers'. I was marking them now because things would be very time dependant later. Unfortunately, I was caught coming out of the ducts and woke up. In reality, I had been laying on my arm, and it had gone painfully to sleep. Oh, well. If I hadn't done that, I probably wouldn't have overthrown a kingdom! So... all's well that ends well?

Then before, and now once more, I'm bouncing 'round the room. Dark out.

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