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Lucky Bestquote: "God, shoot me; down, to."

It's back, if only for paid users.

Here's a pretty decent one:
Which of my stride, nobody gonna break my collection, honest HEY, Sleep now in the lj way! Those dudes the whole Met the Wrath of these bands are you don't know it is either future, I almost mph out there is on it gets raunchy folks. Nerds write short stories About that wasn't so STUPID! There. I have included a poll Open to playing it has a I can think you're reading my journal.

I like "Sleep now in the lj way!" "nobody gonna break my collection, honest" and "I can think you're reading my journal." :)

DADAISM IS FUN. Not to say that dadaism has fun as a quality; no. I meant IS like the identity property, that is to say EQUALS, is indistinguishable from.

I am lying, of course. Would Dali have said, "The only difference between me and a liar is that I am lying." No, he probably wouldn't have.
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