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Secret of Blah

I'm having a tough time playing Secret of Evermore. I just played all the way through Breath of Fire (uh-gain), but that wasn't so bad cause I've already played it so many times. Y'see, the thing is, either Adobe Gamma has completely SF'ed my monitor, or it's dying. The brightness on it is appalling. I can't differentiate shaded areas, so I can't tell cliff walls from regular ground and I spend a lot of time bumping into walls or wondering why I'm running in place. I'm actually playing SoE because I don't want to ruin my first time through Seiken Densetsu 3 (SoM 2) by playing it all dark and squinty. Maybe I should just go back to playing Final Fantasty games on the No$gmb emu. Well, at least SoE is cool in that it has a long namespace, allowing me to call the boy and the dog Dr. Angstrom and Geisthund, respectively.

Todays "Oh, crap! I almost forgot I had this!" album is Metallica's And Justice for All.... It's not like I forgot I had it, but I somehow always end up playing Ride the Lightning, which, though arguably a better album, doesn't precluded the greatness (decentness?) of And Justice. I really don't have favorites among my collection, honest!

Hey, look! It's a post without a poll! Can you believe it?
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    ha ha just kidding.
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