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Never thought to question why

I had a realizatioon on my walk, not unlike Joe's a St. Patrick's Cathedral. I realized that, like a tall man wandering through hedgerows (can you tell I've been reading Lovecraft again?) I was taller than everyone else. Within a 10 block radius, there's not a single other person of six feet or greater. Granted, they're all Dominicans, and I've noticed Dominicans are short, but not that short. Most of the women couldn't have been five feet. They were like, eye-level with my belly button. It was really mind-blowing, looking over the tops of everyone's heads.

In other news, nothing beats reading Lovecraft and listening to Lovecraft-inspired music like early Metallica and Blue Öyster Cult. I am, in fact, actually in the process of reading the fabled Call of Cthulhu. I can't wait to be disappointed in that characteristic Lovecraft way!
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