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The problem

I am on west coast time. That's what it is. That and me failing out of school. Which leaves me little to get up for in the 'morning'. Strange thing is, I don't care. I should fear that I'm really gone, but I don't. Sad, I'd think, if I was concerned. Getting the picture?

What's that song that jokes about seeing a fake band called Roses and Sucky? That's a cool name for a local college band. Maybe Worse Than Pop (one of my hypothetical bands) can cover some of their worse stuff. I need to learn how to play guitar, and not just like I do sitar-style with it across my lap while I sit Indian-style, because the world hates drummers like me. Or maybe just me. :P

In other news, I'm going to be what I need to be. Someday. When I grow up.

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