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Behold, the dumbass!

Whee. I made it to New Jersey on foot (I had missed the last bus by a half hour, and the next one wasn't for an hour + 15 min to get to Jersey). I am glad I dressed light (got two layers of green on!), but not too light, because I had that freezing hot sweaty thing where it's cold and you're cold, but you're still hot and sweaty. I dressed too light, however. I only wore one pair of socks and, whoo, boy, you wouldn't want to be my feet. Black people have gotten away from the LAPD looking better.

But I beat the bus; got here before the bus left, in fact. I went to the storage place and got my books out. Yay! I finally finished Koontz's "Twilight Eyes" last night, not terribly disappointed. Can't wait to bust out some HP to the L to the C. I'm going to read Color out of Space next, after checking with Vinz, our resident expert.

My mom is talkin 'bout Miss Cleo, chile, so I think it be time fer me t'be loggin' aff.
Be afraid. Be mildly, mildly afraid.

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