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PSes everywhere

I was in such a hurry to send that last entry off before midnight (yes, I know you can go back and edit the times, but...) I fergot to whine about finances more.

I watched this Motley Fool thing and it got me thinking. Okay, I'm lying to cover up for bad sentence structure. I was thinking about investing just this afternoon, before I watched the Fool special on PBS, but I was an idiot and wrote about the show first, and I didn't feel like dickering around with tenses and clauses. I learned that I should invest in an index fund, rather than say, Janus, like I was thinking of doing. I really want to start getting money in NOW because I am still young, and the longer you leave it in, the more it compounds. I'm also thinking of getting a stock or two, just to start; something steady like GE or maybe Coca-cola.

How is everyone? What do you think of the new Staind song? Thanks to everyone who's moved into my neighborhood. P-Town pride; Pear Town in tha house. Them Cherry Town foo's best rekanize or I'm 'on bust 'em.

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