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Down to the wire

Crap! Here's my post for the day.

Whee! I watched some fun TV today. I saw Metal Machine on Public Access, and it rocked; got to see some P.O.D. and KoRn and ROLLINS BAND (whoo!) that I just don't get to see or hear normally. Really impressed with KoRn's "Clown" (for someone who hasn't listened to KoRn since "Blind"), and I got to see a Slipknot video based on the Shining. Mad Kewl.

Tomorrow I am going to get books out of storage, and maybe some tapes, so I can watch Trainspotting (a-gain) and be less bored. Sure, I could be online, except... my Grammy doesn't get unlimited local calling... I racked up a hell of a bill ($200), so I'm cutting back to two hours on-line a day. Sucks. But until I get a job...

Resume's coming along, I want it done by Sunday so I can post it on Monster and start faxing it to employers Monday morning. I really need a job, esp. if I want a permanent account. Personally, I don't think I'll make it before they sell out. Sucks to be poor. Maybe next time. And there's that phone bill to pay off... whee.

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