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"Uggh, MASH Good!"

I MASHed, okay. I did it! I'm just really freakin' embarrassed and quite happy, too.

You live in a Mansion.
You're married to Katy.
You drive a DeLorean.
Your car is the color black.
You live in the state of awareness.
Your honeymoon is Easter Island.
Your occupation is a consultant.
You have this many kids: 1 (0 male; 1 female).

I tried it with celebs, as Tamara suggested, and I kept getting Victoria Jackson (not Corinne Bohrer), which is cool 'cause I had that dream where I met VJ when I fell asleep Thursday during one SNL Weekend Update and awoke during the next (very trippy). But as much as I resubmitted the MASH form, I could never get Trent! *sigh*
So I elected to go with the one you see above. Not a bad round, I suppose.

Oh, and I suppose the state thing needs explaining. We never played with that when I was a kid, so I wasn't even paying attention. I (read: stupid psych major) put down mental states. I thought it was funny, so I kept it. The other choices were happiness and confusion. Of course, I'm Governor-Elect of the State of Confusion, so MASH isn't completely accurate.

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