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Commercialization of a Nation

Should I be concerned that most advertising today has to do with shirking responsibility, outright lying, or illegal activities? We're talking all the way down to children's commercials. How many campaigns are based on people trying to steal cereal? Whether it be kids stealing from Lucky, the Trix Rabbit stealing from kids, or Barney stealing from Fred; when did cereal get to be about THEFT? I understand Eggo, if they had it first; maybe it was quirky for a while, and it certainly made a catchy slogan ("Leggo my Eggo!" Oh, there it goes, getting stuck in my cortical vaginations yet again!</HydePierce>).
Maybe I wouldn't be so concerned if it ended there. But there seem to be no end of commercials that encourage disingenuousness (4 consecutive vowels, go me!) and criminal acts. Someone's always trying to put one over on the boss or get something they're not entitled to. What's up with that Burger King commercial that says if you put down something you paid for, anyone can just take it? Kids tried to pull that shit on me since grade school and they got a fucking boot in the jewels.
My real gripe is the disrespect trend. It's the Goof Troop effect; it's not R-rated, but you still don't want your kids watching it, because it sends a negative message. I read an article awhile ago how a parent (albeit, a TV Guide columnist) thought they were being safe taking their kid to a Disney movie. The whole Goofy Movie was the goof kid dissing on his goof dad (Goofy). Kids today are barraged by tons of mass media images (kids and adults, adults and adults) showing complete disrespect and utter contempt for people. Now teaching kids to give respect only where it's due is one thing, but inundating them with these disrespectful ideals is not cool. I plan on being a good father, and I plan on being fair with my kids, but what if that no longer gains their respect? Do I have to rule by fear and gain instead their resentment?

Don't trivialize; it's real.

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