The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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Man, last night was such a blast. My hip hop improv group had our mainstage test drive at my theater. Whether we get a regular timeslot out of it or not, it was still a dream come true just to have that one show, beatboxing in front of all sorts of people for basically half an hour non-stop (I went through 3L+ of water, if anyone's curious). I'm exhausted a day later, but still happy and contented. When you're doing what you love to do and other people are getting enjoyment out of it, that's just aces. I mean, it really is true what they say about following your heart. Do what you love. Don't stop doing it until you're dead (or until it stops being fun).

We've got a new timeslot in our obscure basement performance space, starting this month, so hopefully we'll get more people there what with the not being at 11pm on a school night.
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