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It's a dirt bike. It doesn't *have* a shiny side.

I hate doing these, but I figure I need to let people know. I had a motorcycle accident on the way home from MotoMarket last night. A young girl put on the brakes hard, moved to the extreme left of the lane, then made an unsignaled right turn directly into me. Bike needs work but is not totaled. I'm not totaled either, but am wicked sore. I got x-rays and nothing's broken.

Yeah, I know everyone gets freaked out when these things happen. Bikes are dangerous. Whatev. My gear did its job and I walked away. I'll be riding as soon as the bike is fixed. Sadly, I'll probably miss this year's Spring Fling and Wrenching 101.

If anyone wishes to send me topless get well pix, please do. Guys, just make sure to shave your chest first. Chest hair actually impedes my healing process, even more than exposed nipples help it.
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