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Every diary's dishonest, auto-biography with no facts.

But you can relax; in the end, no one will read it.

I am my own bad luck.

In other news, Enemy Mine is on, and I just realized I have never seen it all the way through in a single sitting. Becca will be home soon, and will have thousands of questions (No, don't bother starting it over; I'll just ask you to recount the entire plot in exhaustive detail) so I think I'll hit record and watch it some time later while I'm busy being unemployed.

My phone died, so I replaced it with a Palm Centro. I got my hard case today. It is awesome. The Treo case I got from Smartphone Experts was nice, but this is really polished and well-designed. Black case, black phone. In keeping with my Fantastic Four naming system (Reed (PDA), Sue (phone), DOOM (hard drive), Franklin (phone), Valeria (smartphone)) I named it T'Challa aka the Black Panther. lol

It was that or name it HERBIE. Or after Agatha Harkness, Franklin's nanny. I am saving the THING designation for my next computer, which will be massive and powerful. Johnny could be a laptop (fast, mobile); we'll see.

For some reason, I thought Paul Winfield played the alien in this, but it's totally Louis Gossett, Jr. Maybe I was thinking of the Darmok episode of TNG?

For the record, I love "HYOO-mon" in all its incarnations. I have no problems with how nerdy that makes me.

More about my arm and other stuff later.
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