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List of bike things whut need doin

(For my own consumption/conniption)
Things I might need/want to do at Wrenching 101 nextthis weekend:
  • check/adjust chain tension
  • install new handguards*
  • change oil†
  • clean/inspect headlamp, adjust headlight aim
  • replace leaky radiator hose (new hose/clamp)*/†
  • Finally fix the diaphragm in my petcock (d'oh)
  • Fix/glue my loose handgrip (left one)... not sure what to use for that.
  • Sidestand feels loose. Tighten.
  • Check clutch adjustment. Lube clutch cable.†

    Stuff I would do if I had any clue:
  • Wire HotGrips so they go through the ignition relay (no more forgetfulness-induced jumpstarts)
  • Check fork seals (?) Unless they're leaking, I think they're alright. BUT HOW DO I KNOW?!! *ominous music*
  • brake bleed? I have heard people yammering on about this a lot, but I have never checked my brake lines or brake fluid. Once again, I assume since I have experienced any "sponginess" in my brakes, I should be ok. Maybe next W101!
  • check valve timing? This was done right before I bought the bike in Sept. 2004. But this is one of those things bikers are always talking about that I just shrug at. I know what it is, have no clue how to do it.

    Plus, doesn't my bike have coolant? Umm, I should A) know that and B) replace it if I do. And file radiator flush under the "clueless" category.

    *requires parts order (like, ASAP, d00d)
    †requires stuff I can get at any auto parts store

    Now where the hell did I put my shop manual?

    Both lists subject to change, fool.

    ADDENDUM: List of stuff I need to bring with me:
  • Tools (figure out which ones you're most likely to need)
  • oil (I have a ton of oil at home, but I think it's for the truck, not the bike)
  • funnel(s)
  • coolant
  • radiator hose
  • clamp(s)
  • handguards
  • petcock diaphragm
  • foodz and drank
  • nitrile gloves
  • clutch cable lube
  • rubbing alcohol for headlamp wipedown
  • safety glasses
  • screw for battery cover (fell out)
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